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Meet our club president, Bob Blevins  —  a marathon runner and long-distance cyclist; a corporate finance manager and church organist; a husband, father and civic leader. He's obviously a busy and energetic guy  —  and at our behest, he's now a blogger as well!


Rotary InternationalWith the launch of our new website, our all-in-one website designer, tech guru, secretary, and public relations director, Ben Cowgill, Esq., has encouraged me to “blog.”

(Note: I cringe when I use that word “blog” as a verb. That word barely existed 20 years ago, noun or verb. I prefer the verb “write”).

Ben assures me — I expect as a means of encouraging me to do it — that a blog can be about “anything” (his word). So, with no commitment to periodicity, here’s “something” (my word) for my inaugural blog.

One of our club’s initiatives for this 2017-2018 year is to increase our members’ rate of attendance. Attendance is probably the primary and one of the best ways of keeping Rotarians “engaged.” Engagement is a term that Rotary International uses to describe members who actively pursue the Rotary experience. Rotarians who are engaged are fulfilled Rotarians, and fulfilled Rotarians do not contemplate their world without Rotary in it. They are Rotarians for life. It is a part of their identity, and using my own identity as a barometer, it falls I would guess somewhere below their religious affiliation, their status as husband / wife, father / mother, their career title, but above most other identifiers on their identity inventory.

At about 70% attendance our club falls in line with a lot of clubs in District 7570. Rotary International though, highly encourages, I will even suggest, expects 100% attendance from every Rotarian, and speaking for myself as an active Rotarian, it surprises me that our club or any club should fall below 100% attendance. With attendance opportunities at club meetings (which for me are one of the highlights of my week), open board meetings, service projects, fundraising events, the district conference, the annual convention, RLI classes, PETS trainings, social events, committee meetings, and of course, the last-resort option of making-up meetings on line, I have to wonder how anyone who willfully accepts the call to be a Rotarian could claim anything less.

Our club requires only two attendance instances per month, and after all, availing oneself of the events I just rattled off is what Rotary is all about! I remember that day in 2013 when I stood up in front of the club, got my pin, and signed on as a Rotarian, Rick Edwards asking me as part of my pledge whether, among other things I would agree to attend all meetings. I think we all took the same pledge, didn’t we? So far I’ve been pretty good about it. Why wouldn’t I? Meetings, to paraphrase Ben Cowgill’s recent observation, are integral to that important, social dimension of the Rotary experience.

Those were my Lecture Paragraphs. Now here are my paragraphs about the absolute best way to make up a meeting, and one that I hope every member of our club and every club avails himself or herself of this year.

Bob BlevinsOn behalf of the members and directors of The Rotary Club of Lynchburg, please allow me to extend my warmest greetings to visitors to our website. We hope that you will find its content informative, and the works of The Rotary Club of Lynchburg and of Rotary International, both in our community and in the world, inspiring and motivating.

The Rotary Club of Lynchburg, now in its 101st year, is one of Rotary International’s oldest and most distinguished clubs. We have engaged in diverse projects; from habitat builds to skate parks, to the club’s legal adoption of a family of seven children shortly following its 1917 founding.

Perhaps the most exciting of our current initiatives is the funding and placement of solar lighting units in schools and hospitals in the east-central African nation of Malawi. We are even now raising money toward that effort. In September of this year, three of our club’s members will travel to Malawi to oversee their installation.

The inspired brainchild of our immediate past president, Marie Waller, we recently launched Rotary Bingo at the City Aviary. The success of that event exceeded expectations, and as such we plan to host Rotary Bingo at periodic intervals. The proceeds of this event were and will continue to be used to purchase books for rising second graders in the Lynchburg City school system.

Among our signature events is our annual luncheon at which we honor high school senior men and women from each of the City’s schools, in consideration of these students’ exhibited ethical behavior in conformity with Rotary International’s own ethical principles.

Our club meets at Oakwood Country Club at noon, generally on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. The venue is inviting, the Oakwood staff is friendly, and the food is superior. Often we invite business and community leaders to speak to the club during meetings. Occasionally we hold a “club meeting,” at which we discuss business and share ideas. We welcome prospective members to our regularly scheduled meetings.

The Rotary Club of Lynchburg extends an invitation to individuals who are genuinely interested in considering membership in our club to follow the link under the "Connect with us" tab and send us an email. We will get back with you shortly.

Please enjoy browsing our website, and join us in celebrating our second century of service.

Bob Blevins, President
The Rotary Club of Lynchburg